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Past Speakers at SEGC

Ursula Mentjes

Ursula Mentjes


Most entrepreneurs and sales professionals struggle to reach their sales goals on a monthly basis, usually getting stuck in the same place. If you are ready to get to the next level—and let go of what’s been stopping you—then get ready to make a change! Ursula shares the seven sales blocks that keep you stuck in scarcity and what you can do to release them. This interactive and engaging presentation will demonstrate: Why limiting beliefs and fears keep you right where you are; The power of intention in everything you do; The importance of creating a powerful sales conversation; Why you must have a sales formula that works.

Mike Braun

Mike Braun

“Finding YOUR Tipping Point”

There are several reasons most of us get into consulting. We want to control our own destiny, the variety of work sounds interesting, we think we have knowledge and experience that will help others and who wouldn’t want unlimited earning potential.

According to a 2019 Study on Consulting fees, 66% of consultants earn less than $10,000 per month and 56% of consultants have less than 10 years of experience. What sounds like a dream gig can be very hard to maintain as a true profession. So, what do these professionals do differently to “Reach the Tipping Point” where they can manage their client engagements as well as create a strong funnel of new business all while being paid well for the value they create?

In this session Mike Braun will discuss: Effective networking and what it really looks like; The importance of finding your ecosystem; Creating and introduction and resume that gets hired; Partnering and productizing to create scale; Pricing appropriately.

David Mann

David Mann

“Story Marketing: Clarifying Your Brand Message”

Everyone knows using stories will increase sales. But what if you could also turn your brand message into a repeatable story? What if every employee and client said the exact same thing about your company? David shows you how stories can be much more useful than just case studies and anecdotes. He shows you how to create a repeatable brand message that makes your customers the hero…and makes you their valued resource for success.

During this talk, David’s key points will cover: Classic story structure for marketing; How to create a 10-second story; Making your customer the hero.

David Utts

David Utts

“How growing your leadership can dissolve most barriers to your success”

We all know leadership is essential to more significant business results. That said, many solopreneurs fail to see the development of their leadership as essential to their success. This lack of attention to one’s leadership development generates many unnecessary barriers to growing a successful business.

In this talk, David will make a case that your leadership development is central to your higher success. After all, as a solopreneur or small business owner, your ability to be present, innovative and more influential are fundamental to your success. And developing these competencies are also central for anyone who desires to lead.

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell

“6 Easy Tweaks that Will Lead to Brilliant Presentations”

Presentations are vital communication tools for business and non-profit leaders to spread ideas, sell products, and secure funding. So many presentations are poorly conceived right from the beginning and ultimately fail to engage and connect with audiences.

As with any human communication, the biggest challenge for presenters is capturing and holding the squirming attention span of today’s audiences. Distractions are everywhere. Cell phones vibrate with messages and mail. The thoughts of your audience careen between the past and the future.

Getting people to “stay in the present” and focus on your message requires more than a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint deck. You need to tap into a combination of brain science, visual storytelling and graphic design essentials to ensure your audience understands what you’re asking of them.

Dan DeMuth

Dan DeMuth

“From Idea to Business – An Entrepreneur’s Journey”

In this talk, Dan DeMuth will tell his story, which will explain how we can generate different ways to develop income while still remaining true to the core principles and making a difference to others. You will learn:

Strategy 1: Awareness – Awareness of your learning and current situation. Become clear on the intended direction while letting go of interference. Each of the eight steps of the process and how they build on one another.

Strategy 2: Intention – Experience new ways to achieve the Power Of Focus, while letting go of distractions.

Strategy 3: Commitment – Committing to your targets, goals, belief, and vision. Identify the learning that takes place, through the power of thought, feelings, and enjoyment connecting to the Power Of Focus.

Greg Pomerantz

Greg Pomerantz

“Building a Roadmap to Increase Sales and Profits”

Virtually every business owner wants to find a way to increase sales and profits. Yet very few take the time to develop a plan on how to take their products or services to their market so their customers or clients can make the purchase as they want. And making it easy for your customers to buy is critical to your growth.

After working with small and mid-sized businesses for almost 20 years, Greg has developed a marketing planning process that when implemented has consistently helped business owners focus their efforts and increase sales. Greg will share and explain each of the eight steps of the process and how they build on one another.

But while the theory is great, Greg will bring the process to life as he uses a real-world example of a marketing plan that he developed for a fellow SEGC member. That member will be there to explain how the process worked for her and where she sees the impact coming over the next year.

Terry Wu, Ph.D.

Terry Wu

“How Do You Really Make Purchasing Decisions”

Over a century ago, British industrialist Lord Leverhulme summarized the biggest problem in marketing in one short sentence, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

For over a hundred years, billions of dollars have been spent on searching for the answer to this fundamental question: How do consumers decide? The most predominant view has been that consumers make buying decisions by applying logical and rational thinking.

Most buying decisions are made without consumers’ fully conscious awareness and are subject to influences that were previously given little attention.

In this insightful talk, get the answers to the following: What is Neuromarketing? Why does traditional marketing often fail? Why does Neuromarketing matter to your bottom line? Why do consumers make irrational choices? How can you apply Neuromarketing to increase sales?

Jeffrey O’Brien

Jeffrey O'Brien

What is the secret to Jeffrey’s success, and what lessons can be gleaned for professional practice marketing in general? Jeffrey will discuss his marketing strategy which includes the following:

Networking – In person and via social media, to become the “First Name on the Brain” when it comes to people needing legal services of any kind. Content Marketing – Whether it be blogging, articles in outside publications, continuing education programs, and podcasts. Learning – To adapt to organic shifts in one’s practice and developing niche practices within a general practice area. Understanding – The importance of a personal brand within a firm of other professionals, and also understanding when a particular marketing initiative is not working and having the ability to decide when the time arrives to jettison that initiative.

Jeffrey’s presentation will include numerous war stories that will include successes and failures along the way, with the hope that his experience can help other professionals establish their own personal marketing and branding program.

JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

“What Does YOUR LinkedIn Profile Say About YOU?”

In today’s world, people most often meet us online before they meet us offline so first impressions have gone digital. Because LinkedIn remains the #1 social platform for business your LinkedIn profile should attract those people you most want to connect with and is an important part of building a compelling brand. This session is a case study using one of our SEGC members profile as a before and after study.

YOU Will Learn How To: Write a client-centric profile; Create a headline that inspires people to learn more; Get clarity on what you do and who you serve.

Updating YOUR LinkedIn Profile Will: Attract leads and clients organically; Enhance your professional reputation; Build your credibility and authority; Establish trust much faster; Facilitate relationships with decision makers; Stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Scott Welle

Scott Welle

“OUTPERFORM – Daily Execution for Extraordinary Results”

You will learn how you can identify the activities that truly move the needle and build habits and routines that ensure you execute daily. A great way to start the New Year!

To do this effectively, it goes beyond the typical productivity stuff we normally hear and into performance and behavioral psychology.

Outperformers are not born; they’re made. We ALL have the capacity to lead others and “raise our game,” and Scott Welle has spent more than 15 years helping people do this, personally and professionally.

Jeffrey’s presentation will include numerous war stories that will include successes and failures along the way, with the hope that his experience can help other professionals establish their own personal marketing and branding program.

Good Quotes

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney