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This Month’s Meeting

A Preview of April’s Meeting

Nick Tietz We are excited to welcome Nick Tietz this month to add to the impressive speakers we have been fortunate to host at SEGC. Nick’s Learning Hour is Titled “How To Make Crazy Ideas Work”, and he is going to help us understand, master and practice a process that will take those innovative brainstorms and convert them into a process that will make them come alive. How many times have our crazy ideas just died on the vine? Nick will help us take those ideas, create plans to execute them and then show us how to embed them into a Business plan.

So many of us solopreneurs lack a process to take our great idea to the next level and we lack the structure and know how to plan to make them work. Nick’s session should bring an end to that anguish and help us all deliver and make money on those great ideas that never to seem to go anywhere.

March’s Meeting Recap

Our speaker in March was Jon Halleen and talked to us about: “The Most Important Investment You Can make is in Yourself”

Jon led us through why Warren Buffet, America’s most successful financial investor believes the effort, time, and money you make in yourself will increase your future value.

We started the season with Jon and Peter having a discussion about our learning context and how it has to go beyond personal investments in hard skills—by building the soft skills that allow us to change to be more psychologically and emotionally flexible.

We learned how Adaptive Capabilities are really interpersonal skills that a person acquires to function successfully within social structures, and how they help reduce conflict with others. We discussed how changes in social frameworks require a person to respond to feedback and how to adapt their people skills throughout life.

The breakouts produced lively discussion when SEGCers were asked what ARE some of the real world problems we experience as a result of limitations with our soft skills and how do we DEAL with these problems?

There was real demand for discussion after the assigned time and Jon was good enough to stay on for over 30mins and join in a discussion with 15 of the attendees.

SEGC Monthly Meetings

Each carefully planned monthly meeting of the SEGC is designed around learning from our expert speakers or panels. Ample time is also available for support and connecting among our membership. Meetings also have sponsors who will make brief remarks. Here, you’ll see upcoming meeting announcements you can use for planning purposes, along with listings of past meetings. We encourage SEGC members to attend as many meetings as possible and to bring guests who can also benefit, and perhaps become members themselves.

Upcoming Speakers

May 20, Bill Hellkemp – Seven Deadly Sins

June 17, Paul Omdt – Claim It, Name It & Frame It

July 15, Scott Welle – OUTPERFORM: Mindset, Motivation and Moving Forward

August 19, Terry Wu, Ph.D. – The Science of Stress Reduction

September 16, David Mann – Building a Bridge of Words to your Ideal Customer