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Talk Description

George Dow Adam Grant, in his book “Give & Take,” discusses three broad styles of interpersonal dealing: taking, matching, and giving. Takers are those who try to take more than they give. Matchers are those who try to give and take proportionally and conditionally. Givers are those who give more than they take. Takers are primarily self-oriented, matchers are other-oriented as a means to being self-oriented (I’ll help you when I think you will help me) and givers are primarily other-oriented.

Here’s the counter-intuitive part. If we look at the most successful people – the happiest, the most likely to be promoted, etc – they are generally givers, and if we look at the least successful, they too often tend to be givers. The failed giver is a person who gives to others but fails in his or her effort to care for themselves. Sound familiar?

The most successful givers, according to Grant, are what he calls “otherish” givers: those who lead with sincere generosity, but have a healthy selfishness that protects them from burnout or being taken advantage of.

The first half of this interactive session will focus on updating your personal, professional and community giving strategies. The second half will focus on what you want to continue, and what you want to change, so that you can optimize your mental, physical, spiritual, financial and relationship wellbeing.

About George – Since 2010, George Dow has run an executive career transition consulting solo practice in Edina. George serves Director to CEO level clients. His focus is on assisting his clients with career assessment, identification of options and coaching to achieve their desired outcomes, both professionally and personally.

Prior to this, George spent 21 years as Vice President of Executive Career Transition Consulting at Right Management, an international career transition and organizational consulting firm.

George has undergraduate degrees in psychology and communications, and an MBA degree with a marketing emphasis. He has taught graduate and undergraduate level career management courses at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management, and was a Faculty of the Year Nominee in 2005.

December’s Meeting Recap

If you missed our December virtual meeting, that’s a shame. Sam Richter was sensational and took us through a refresher of what we had learnt in “Sales YES/KNOW Part I”, where we had learnt web search secrets that we can use every day to find information on prospects and clients. In Part II, Sam taught us the secret online search techniques that many professional intelligence experts don’t even know including: 1. A review of Sales Intel techniques that we could use every day; 2. Advanced search algorithms for finding existing lead lists, membership directories, competitor proposals, price lists, past and current RFPs; 3. Hidden websites and tools that reveal inside information that can even help us discover and create a pipeline of leads before the leads even exist; 4. How to use the Sales Intel Engine to find the right leads, at the right time, with the right message.

Sam also helped us understand that when we know more about our prospects and clients, their issues, their goals, their industries, and their (and our) competitors, we gain the edge in every sales call, every meeting, every proposal and every negotiation – every time.

Click on this link to get a pdf of some of Sam’s great tips for better optimization for your searches on the internet. Thanks Sam Richter for a great virtual session.

SEGC Monthly Meetings

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Upcoming Speakers

February 18, Bill McLaughlin – How to Embrace & Harness Change

March 18, Jon Halleen – The Psychology of Sales