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This Month’s Meeting

Our theme for 2024 is “How To Grow Your Small Business”. This is the title of a new book by Donald Miller, that provides entrepreneurs with a 6-step plan to grow your business so you can produce dependable, predictable results. We call it the “Small Business Flight Plan.” Our June meeting continues to follow this theme so you can use the content of our Learning Hour to benefit your business and/or your clients business.

This Month’s Meeting

Cathy Sadecca We look forward to welcoming Cathy Sadecca, CEO and Co-Founder of The Collection Dept, a business she runs with her husband. Cathy is well known to most us and she says if cash is king, then healthy cash flow is the key to the kingdom.

She is an experienced executive and has a solid background in the field of finance. Most recently, before starting this new venture she spent 4 years working with small businesses to help them with the biggest reason they fail – cash flow.

Healthy cash flow is fundamental to a strong business that stands the test of time. It fuels growth and helps us weather slumps. And in the end it creates value. Yet, mismanagement of cash flow is the number one reason businesses fail. Business owners simply take their eyes off the ball.

In this session, we’ll talk about the 6 most common areas of the business where cash flow is mismanaged, and the best practices to employ to get back on track. This is good for your business as well as existing and prospective clients.

Cathy has spent 30 years helping small to mid-sized businesses work through cash flow problems through both financing and consulting. Her specialty is breaking down complicated or intimidating financial concepts into simplified bite sized pieces that anyone can grasp. Having co-founded Sage Business Credit in 2013 and The Collection Dept. in 2021, she also understands the challenges that come with being a business owner.


We look forward to a great meeting and thank you all for your support and wisdom.

Thanks to our sponsors for April, May and June.

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