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This Month’s Meeting

As you know, we have hibernated for 2 meetings during the winter in anticipation of impending blizzards and ice and so moved two meetings to zoom. Hah, so much for that.

Our next meeting is Thursday February 15, AND WE ARE BACK IN PERSON. Registration is NOT necessary, just turn up BEFORE 7:30 (we start on time and finish on time at 9am). Coffee and tea (and beer) are available.

This Month’s Meeting

Dave Priddy The February meeting will include a panel that will take a 360° look at SALES, the left wing of the airplane:

Dave Priddy will lead a conversation with experts in their field and get their view of the Sales function. We will have breakouts for in depth discussion.

Our theme for 2024 is “How To Grow Your Small Business”. This is the title of a new book by Donald Miller, that provides entrepreneurs with a a 6-step plan to grow their businesses so they produce dependable, predictable results.

Sales Using the analogy of a plane with 6 critical areas, this will be the basis for our monthly meetings that will create a playbook for success. Our January meeting introduced the 6 step process that Donald Miller promotes, and included a workshop that focused on the cockpit or the leadership required to establish a Flight Plan.

I provided 3 Leadership Tools and we practiced one in breakouts.

We look forward to a great meeting and thank you all for your support and wisdom.

Thanks to our sponsors for January, February and March.

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Upcoming Speakers

April: Jen Radke

May: A Panel led by Paul Turek

June: Cathy Seddeca