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This Month’s Meeting

Talk Description

Melissa Harrison Customer communication has increased via social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your job as a business owner and as a brand is to be accessible. Engage. Monitor. Answer.

While we are all going through the same pandemic, we are not all experiencing it the same way. The same holds true for your customers. Let’s talk about best practices in crafting solid messaging as we continue to use social media channels to grow our brands, how to be mindful of the current state of our environments and showcase examples of content and brands doing it well.

After Melissa’s 20-minute presentation, we’ll break out into small groups to talk through digital media and content creation struggles and ideas for how we can all listen harder and be an active, supportive part of the conversations while all the while concentrating on growing our businesses.

Melissa Harrison is CEO of Allee Creative, a content marketing agency in Minnesota. She works with brands on a global scale, moving them into the conversational space. Her sweet spot is working with B2B companies, nonprofits, associations and higher education in the middle market.

Melissa provides full-scope marketing services to clients who don’t have all the resources to do the same in house. She has two decades of experience in marketing and digital strategy, content management, writing, design and business development.

Melissa has been named a Top 100 Content Marketer (Express Writers and Content Marketing Institute), a Top Young Entrepreneur (Minnesota Business Magazine) and a Mover & Shaker (Star Tribune). She is a 5-time recipient of the Hermes Creative Award and an international speaker on content marketing, business strategy, nonprofit management and entrepreneurship. She was named one of 100 women to watch in the U.S. as part of The Inspirational Woman Project and is a graduate of the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders program.

August’s Meeting Recap

I hope you all enjoyed our virtual workshop last week with Derek Sussner. There have been numerous postings on Linkedin and I have received many e-mails and calls about how everyone really learned a lot and enjoyed the participation. I would like to thank the Board for their preparation and commitment to helping our Twin Cities SEGC Community : Robin Edgar, Craig Espelien, Lisa Carpentier, Shawn Gardner, Greg Pomerantz ; Our volunteer Facilitators Jo Anne Funch, Gayle Noakes, Alex Hultgren, Dave Priddy , Jill Rywelski, Becky Amble, Terri Mattison, Paul Turek, and of course Derek Sussner.

Titled “ How to Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out”, Derek took us through how to state the problem or pain point for your prospective customer, talk about the solution to the problem and then describe the success your will experience by engaging with you.

The 8 break outs produce some great results and I wanted to make sure you all saw the results and here they are:

Leadership Development – Are you tired of recruiting and hiring new leaders due to the revolving door? We develop leaders to build trust and empower employees, so leaders stay and build company success.

Executive Coach – Competing priorities can result in executives having a lack of clarity and focus. As your guide, we help prioritize activities and maximize you and your teams performance to increase growth and profits.

Website Developer – Is your website designed for your customers? In a saturated marketplace and customers with low attention span and multiple options, we design websites that target your clients. Focusing on the unconscious mind to influence more engagement and conversion.

Brand Strategy – Many companies don’t understand their customers’ pain points. We help you identify who your customers are and what they want, leading to business growth and peace-of-mind for your leadership.

Wealth Manager – Anxious about spending money today and feeling financially secure tomorrow? We provide the plan and partnership to give you that confidence. Giving you peace of mind to enjoy life doing what you worked hard for.

Pivot Accounting Services Inc – As a small business owner, it can be time consuming to maintain accurate business results. You need to “cut to the close” professionally and timely so that you can focus on running your business.

Lawyers: Business transitions/Exit planning – Selling a business is a complex, once in a lifetime process with many complicated issues. We help you navigate the complexities and simplify the transition to maximize the outcome you desire.

Bank/Finance – When you are looking for financial services and you don’t know where to start, we will guide you through the process to identify your financial options available and get you what you need before you need it.

SEGC Monthly Meetings

Each carefully planned monthly meeting of the SEGC is designed around learning from our expert speakers or panels. Ample time is also available for support and connecting among our membership. Meetings also have sponsors who will make brief remarks. Here, you’ll see upcoming meeting announcements you can use for planning purposes, along with listings of past meetings. We encourage SEGC members to attend as many meetings as possible and to bring guests who can also benefit, and perhaps become members themselves.

Upcoming Speakers

October 15, Gayle Noakes – Lead Meetings People WANT to Attend

November 19, Jan Lehmann – How To Be More Productive

December 17, Sam Richter – EVERY Sales YES Begins With a KNOW