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Leadership in Action to Help Growing Businesses

For organizations to succeed and prosper over time, dedicated leadership is essential. SEGC has a talented and dedicated Board of Directors. Each Director shares the organization’s goals of helping individuals build success through Learning, Supporting, and Connecting.

Peter Beaumont – President of SEGC

Peter Beaumont

I was born in England so long ago I can’t remember where or when. On my circuitous journey to the state of Minnesota I have worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, McDonald’s, Intel and Wrigley across five continents and have travelled to over 80 countries.

During my global leapfrogging my primary roles included general management, strategic marketing and client services and I often cite that my diverse experiences is the number one reason I am able to help clients to quickly adapt to changing cultures, economies and situations.

In 2012 I left my corporate career and started my own consulting practice in Chicago called ConnXN Consulting. Fortunately my business took off quicker than the understanding that ConnXN was a creative way of saying ‘Connection’. In 2013 we moved to Minnesota and I now work with business owners and leadership teams who feel their original strengths have been diluted by all the other things it takes to run and lead a business and they start to feel overwhelmed and unhappy. I am their your guide that helps them get back to doing what they enjoy and bringing the fun back to them and their business.

I started attending Twin Cities SEGC (Small & Emerging Growth Community) meetings in 2014. In 2016, Wyn Davies asked me to join his newly formed Steering Committee and in 2017 he asked me to take over the leadership. I am very passionate and committed to the mission of SEGC, which is to help small business owners and solopreuners learn, support and connect in ways that will help them grow and sustain their business and be happy in their personal life. We like to have fun!

As a lifelong sports nut, I follow practically all sports except ice fishing (is that even a sport?) but soccer is my passion. I’m very happily married and have 2 sons and a daughter.

Lisa Carpentier

Lisa Carpentier

After graduating with a degree in graphic design and falling into the print and signage industry, I found myself operating in several small, local companies. Starting in the bottom rung of production and working through various rolls, I learned the intricacies of the industry and ended up responsible for taking projects through the entire process. From design and proofing to print and production. As I grew more efficient, I became curious about sales, marketing, and business development.

As my curiosity turned into action, I enrolled to earn my Certificate in Entrepreneurship. In 2018, Fourty7th Parallel Print & Design Co. became a reality. Over 15 years invested in the industry grants me the ability to provide my clients honest and accurate support with their print and design projects.

I was introduced to SEGC in 2018 when an existing member went out of their way to encourage my attendance. New to the world of networking and stretching my comfort zone; the support, encouragement, and education I received turned me quickly into a dedicated member. When I was approached to assist with the rebrand in 2018 and join the board in 2019, I was honored to dedicate my time to such an important group in the Twin Cities entrepreneur community.

Craig Espelien

Craig Espelien

I believe there is untapped potential in almost every company. From startups that are trying to bring new products to market to mid-sized companies in need of better integration of teams, functions and go to market strategies, I use proven ways to unlock this potential to drive performance. From B2C to B2B to B2C. there is a need to achieve more with increasingly limited resources.

I bring broad and deep expertise in multiple facets of building a successful business, equipping your team to evolve to meet the changing needs of your customers, clients and end users. Whatever your needs (Marketing, Sales, Process/Project Management, Team Building, Brand and Packaging Development and Management, Supply Chain Analysis) I have led performance improvement in all areas leading to increased top line sales, enhanced bottom line profits and rigorous control of expenses – while adding a healthy dose of execution focus.

My game-changing approach can help your team stay on target in terms of executing the programs and processes necessary to succeed.

Shawn Gardner

Shawn Gardner

I have spent my career as a Business Banker working with Entrepreneurs to provide the tools and capital they need to grow their businesses. With over 20 years of commercial banking experience, I have worked with a wide variety of businesses to structure a deposit and loan relationship that fits their specific needs. I view my role as an advocate and consultant to my clients, building long-term relationships. I specialize in working with privately held businesses from start-up to revenues of $30+ million, deposit relationships of all sizes and lending relationships from $250k to $5 million.

As part of Minnwest Bank’s Commercial Banking Team, I strive to create banking relationships that are as unique as the businesses and business owners that I work with. Minnwest Bank offers a full range of financial services including cash management services, business loans and lines of credit, SBA Loans and many online and mobile services.

I became involved with SEGC when leadership of the group was transitioned to Peter Beaumont and eventually Peter invited me to participate on the board. The focus of SEGC to provide resources for small business owners has broadened my knowledge that I can use every day as I work with my customers. Minnwest Bank is proud to be a sponsor of the monthly meetings, it was an easy decision to support this great free resource to the twin cities business community.

Joanne Funch

Joanne Funch

My entrepreneurial journey began in 1996 while living in Southern California where I became one of the top sales reps selling apparel lines to many US Military branches and bases in California and the East Coast.

Eventually I became the manufacturer of my own novelty apparel line I sold to my U.S. Military contacts and I started a local marketing company with my husband where we worked with local business clients helping them establish a presence in the market through a variety of strategies and promotions.

In 2005 I experienced a major life-altering event – my husband/business partner died following a tragic accident. I continued to run the business for another two years alone and eventually decided to downsize my business & life and relocated to my hometown of Minneapolis, MN.

In 2008 I gained new skills in what was termed ‘internet marketing’ and the start of social media. I once again decided to start a new marketing business. I was an early adopter of LinkedIn and favored the platform over all other social media and became well-known for my expertise.

I continue to work with business owners, salespeople, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who want to leverage LinkedIn along with their relationship building strategies to gain more exposure for themselves and their business, so they ultimately have more credibility, impact and income.

Witnessing the power of meaningful connections (both personal and professional) fuels my work. My own journey taught me the value of resilience and asking for help – after all, nothing gets done alone!

I have been an attendee of the SEGC meetings since 2013 when Wyn Davies led the group. We were a small but mighty group and gathered at the Byerly’s community room at Ridgedale!

Past Board Members

Jill Rywelski

Jill Rywelski

Jill was most recently at The Reserve where she worked with professionals who were looking for office and collaboration space. She created an environment where businesses felt welcomed, in an atmosphere that generated cooperation and partnerships. Such a foundation allowed like-minded individuals to build their businesses as they connected and thrived throughout the Twin Cities.

Now an Event Specialist at Fueled Collective, Jill is a great networker, attending industry association forums, and engaging in helping the community. She is a long time supporter of Twin Cities SEGC and what we stand for and we are looking forward to having her valuable insights as well as her passion and commitment to our cause.

Robin Edgar

Robin Edgar

I am a Financial Advisor and owner of the Wealth Progression Group, a full-service brokerage office. I have been an independent financial advisor for nearly 30 years and specialize in helping individuals and companies with all of their financial goals and needs.

The Wealth Progression Group uses a wide variety of financial investments to help individuals, families and business owners to set goals and pursue financial security in every stage of their life.

My game-changing approach can help your team stay on target in terms of executing the programs and processes necessary to succeed.

I’m passionate about helping people to focus on the four phases of wealth: 1) Protection; 2) Accumulation; 3) Cash Flow; 4) Transfer.

I have held numerous volunteer and board positions throughout my career and welcome opportunities to engage with community members and to help those around me. I am married and have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren.

I joined SEGC a couple years ago and found the organization is a place where small business owners can go and be very open, honest and vulnerable about what they need help with. SEGC focuses on helping the small emerging growth company leaders find a support system and education they need.

Securities offered through Concorde Investment Services, LLC (CIS), member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through Concorde Asset Management, LLC, (CAM), a registered investment advisor. Insurance through Concorde Insurance Agency, Inc. (CIA). Wealth Progression Group is independent of CIS, CAM and CIA.

Member Spotlight

Gayle Noakes

Gayle Noakes – Imagine how you will feel when your company is consistently retaining your qualified people and new hires. Your Supervisors and Managers are leading their people well and are ready for future leadership positions.

66% of manufacturing companies are highly concerned about one of these worker issues: Developing future leaders; Retaining qualified workers; Attracting qualified workers.

At Gayle Noakes Supervisor Success, we work with companies, focused in manufacturing, to develop their Supervisors, Leads and Managers into leaders now and into the future.

Gayle brings over 20 years of experience working in manufacturing companies, focused in Continuous Improvement, Quality and Learning & Development. She has spent many hours on the shop floor, working side by side with supervisors who are struggling to be successful in their role. She has a unique talent for bringing leadership skills to life in a way that supervisors relate to.

Our practical, hands-on training approach, together with gaining active support from company leadership, provides skills Supervisors and Leads will use every day, in an environment that encourages them to be leaders. This creates behavior change that “sticks”.

Website: Gayle Noakes Supervisor Leadership Development Series