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A History of Learning, Supporting and Connecting

Wyn Davies

SEGC was founded by Wyn Davies in 2004, to promote, encourage, and inform Twin Cities small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. For nearly 20 years, those goals have remained the group’s focus. The group’s membership has grown steadily, as its current members continued to invite others to join and participate. In 2017, Wyn Davies asked a fellow Brit, Peter Beaumont, a member since 2014, to take over leadership of the group. Wyn regards that decision as one of the best business decisions that he has made.

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Peter’s extensive business expertise, along with his passion and commitment to the goals of SEGC helps him and the group’s Board of Directors continue the tradition of providing unmatched learning, support, and connecting opportunities to an ever-growing group of small and emerging businesses.

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Learning ~ Supporting ~ Connecting

Each monthly meeting of SEGC is designed to provide all three opportunities for everyone who attends. The continued growth of this organization is evidence of the success of Wyn Davies’ original vision. We look forward to continued membership growth so that SEGC can become an even more valuable asset to the Twin Cities business community.

Member Spotlight

Craig Espelien

Craig Espelien – I help startups and other small businesses break out of their competitive morass and find their best future through recognizing when they are adhering too closely to The Norm Line for their market, channel or competitive set.

From jump starting marketing (and linking traditional with digital/social) to developing a strategic sales process to mapping out company processes, my tools and knowledge will help your team define the current problem(s), align on where they need to go, rigorously define who the customer is (and is not) and streamline the work so that they are both effective and efficient in delivering an exceptional product and/or customer experience.

Reach out at: LinkedIn. Please direct inquiries to