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You are invited to our meeting on Thursday, August 4, 2022. This IN-PERSON meeting will be held at: West End Plaza, Parkdale Training Room, Room 105, 1st Floor, 1660 South Highway 100, St. Louis Park, MN 55416. See Directions to the Meeting Location
Our monthly meetings are held on the FIRST Thursday of the month.

Small businesses and solopreneurs in Minnesota’s Twin Cities face the same challenges every business must deal with daily. Moving from start-up to becoming a thriving success means traveling on a rough road with few sign markers. Going it alone makes things even more difficult. Twin Cities SEGC is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs learn from experts and peers and to share what they have learned by connecting with others along the way.

Twin Cities Virtual Networking Meeting

Through regular monthly meetings that feature expert speakers and panels on a wide range of topics, along with opportunities for networking and discussion sessions, SEGC members learn and share skills and knowledge that helps them grow their businesses and achieve success. It is our mission to facilitate that learning, supporting, and connecting process.

Learning ~ Supporting ~ Connecting

Our goal is to help our members deal with challenges we all face, including:

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Twin Cities Business Presentations

SEGC is Small, Emerging Growth Companies. Created and run for solopreneurs and small businesses, we work on three principles: Learning, Supporting and Connecting and is designed to be a catalyst to connect providers and entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities. Members agree that connecting is more than collecting business cards; it entails knowing and understanding your market; reaching out and getting to know people; talking and listening as well as helping them. We hold monthly meetings (every 3rd Thursday) and we strive for all to leave a little bit wiser and a little bit smarter than when they showed up.

Member Spotlight

Pete Steege

Pete Steege – Pete has over 30 years of marketing experience with a wide range of B2B technology and manufacturing businesses, from 50-person Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 100 firms. Coupled with extensive global experience in North America, Europe and Asia, Pete brings a breadth of perspective and fresh ideas to the B2B world. Pete is President of B2B Clarity, a fractional CMO services firm focused on helping CEOs without a marketing leader on their team succeed. Pete is a proven marketing strategist and industry-recognized content leader that can help CEOs untangle their marketing programs and get them working to grow revenue.

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