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Small businesses and solopreneurs in Minnesota’s Twin Cities face the same challenges every business must deal with daily. Moving from start-up to becoming a thriving success means travelling on a rough road with few sign markers. Going it alone makes things even more difficult. Twin Cities SEGC is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs learn from experts and peers and to share what they have learned by connecting with others along the way.

Twin Cities Virtual Networking Meeting

Through regular monthly meetings that feature expert speakers and panels on a wide range of topics, along with opportunities for networking and discussion sessions, SEGC members learn and share skills and knowledge that helps them grow their businesses and achieve success. It is our mission to facilitate that learning, supporting, and connecting process.

Learning ~ Supporting ~ Connecting

Our goal is to help our members deal with challenges we all face, including:

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SEGC is Small, Emerging Growth Companies. Created and run for solopreneurs and small businesses, we work on three principles: Learning, Supporting and Connecting and is designed to be a catalyst to connect providers and entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities. Members agree that connecting is more than collecting business cards; it entails knowing and understanding your market; reaching out and getting to know people; talking and listening as well as helping them. We hold monthly meetings (every 3rd Thursday) and we strive for all to leave a little bit wiser and a little bit smarter than when they showed up.

Member Spotlight

Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis – Tim helps small to mid-sized manufacturing companies Convert Chaos into Cash™, by streamlining their business and manufacturing processes to scale, improve profitability and quality. This is done by creating focus and accountability around what matters most to your organization. He can quickly assess your current situation to identify problems, risks, and opportunities to improve performance.

Tim brings years of experience working within manufacturing companies in all functional areas, in executive roles, and as a consultant in a variety of industries. He helps companies improve their performance by implementing and optimizing Lean, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, and EOS® systems. Tim knows what a smooth-running operation looks like and how to get you there.

Tim works primarily with small to mid-size privately held manufacturers, who may not have all of expertise or bandwidth within the organization to tackle all the challenges they face. He provides the needed expertise and capacity as a Fractional Integrator or Contract COO, as well as consulting and advisory services.

Please contact Tim at; Phone – 763-350-4047

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